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Otherwise Knowns as “The Termite Man”
Evan Schubert has over 40 years experience

Evan Schubert, “The Termite Man”, commenced pest control in 1975.

In 1976 he opened his own pest control business. He operated this business for 26 years before selling out. In that time he established an office in Horsham and employed 3 servicemen plus office staff. He sold that business and had a three year holiday.

After 3 years, he returned to a job he loved.

Schuberts Pest Services is a family-owned business

If you have a pesky pest problem, don’t let it get out of hand.

We take care of the pests that won’t bugger off!

Evan and Managing Director of PCT David at the AEPMA conference
Evan at the AEPMA conference Sept2016

Evans strong drive and willingness to please his customers in the force behind Schuberts Pest Services. He has seen fads come and go.

Evan has been a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association for many years and attends their conferences to update himself on the latest innovations in pest services.

He has also been a Termite and Prepurchase Pest Inspector for many years.

Evan employs several methods of termite control depending upon customers’ choice and how he thinks the situation should be managed. All buildings and structures are built differently.

Evan has a passion for helping people eradicate termites and protecting the homes of locals.