Frequently Asked Pest Questions

Q: Do you provide warranty on your work?

A: Yes we provide warranty on most jobs.

Q: If not, this will be clearly stated.

A: Schuberts pest Services will return if you have any concerns and we will work with you to resolve your concerns.

Q: What about my safety, my children’s safety, my pets and the environment?

A: Schuberts Pest Services only use products passed by the Government and manufactured by reputable companies. We recommend above the safety standards for you and your family. Many newer chemicals e.g Altriset. Have an exemption from the poison schedule which means they are safer for you, pets, wildlife and the environment.

Q: When All else fails do you have insurance?

A: Yes. Schuberts Pest Services are insured with the number one  pest l insurance Company Rapid Solutions P/L.

Q: What about Price?

A: Schuberts Pest Services will always explain our prices to you. The price for your pest service solution is the investment you need to achieve the results that you want. Remember Termite Damage to a house or building can be very expensive to repair.

Q: Are you locally-owned not a Franchise?

A: Schuberts Pest Services is a local family business, employing local people who spend their money in this area. Evan Schubert the Managing director has lived in Horsham all his life and been treating termites for 40Years he really is the go to Termite man